A23 Rummy Review

Rummy is the most popular card game in India. It is an integral part of Indian culture and tradition for a very long time. It is because of the simple gameplay and unlimited fun factor; the rummy game is so popular. People from all walks of life love to play this game and they love to play it on festivals like Diwali and Holi and even family gatherings, making it one of the most sought-after means of entertainment. 

When compared to the international variant of rummy, the Indian version is a bit different. It is known as 13 card Rummy or Indian Rummy and requires skill to win a set of games. Supreme Court of India has also legalized the game and stated that it is not a game of gambling, as it requires technique and skill to win rather than just sheer luck. 

Earlier Rummy was played offline, but the rise of online gaming has revolutionized the experience for players. You can now play rummy card games online whenever you like, at home on the go. 

However, when it comes to rummy games online, A23 is one of the best rummy platforms that offers flawless, smooth, and safe rummy gameplay to users for both real money and free. Here in this article, we will provide A23 Rummy reviews letting you know why it is the best place to play rummy online.

So, without much ado let us get started. 

A23 is the Modern Face of Online Rummy

A23 is India’s first online rummy portal that offers an exhilarating online rummy gaming experience to over 22 million users. Without missing the game of a limited group of friends and family, A23 rummy platform and app brings this excitement of rummy games to your comfort to play at anywhere, any time.  

A23 has incorporated a world-class anti-fraud prevention system and payment security to improve the overall gaming experience and prevent hackers from stealing your information and tampering with the gameplay. The company Head Digital Works Private Limited has a sterling reputation within the business community and acquired several certifications confirming that A23 is a trustworthy and reliable online platform to play rummy games. 

Is It Safe to Play Rummy Online on A23?

Yes, playing Rummy online on A23 is safe. The platform offers a responsible gaming policy with several measures to ensure you continue to enjoy your favorite game. 

The platform offers alerts through email or notifications when irresponsible gaming patterns are identified, root out underage players, allow you to enable fixed daily and monthly purchase limits to your account, and provide constant advice against obsessive and compulsive playing.

Incredible customer support is another great feature offered by the platform. If you have any queries or an issue arises as the payment gets stuck, the dedicated customer support team is there to resolve your queries and operates 24/7. A23 uses a highly secure payment gateway for online transactions for deposit and withdrawal. They use popular payment gateways like credit/debit cards, Paytm, PayUMoney, Mobikwik, Citrus, OLA Money, Bank Transfer, and more. 

Features of A23 Rummy

Playing Experience

A23 platform offers various rummy games to match your playing style, and all are equally fun and challenging. The games include Points Rummy, Multi-Table Tournaments, Pool Games, Gun Shot, and Rummy 500. Also, the platform runs several exciting events to keep the players engaged. 

In addition to bringing card game lovers from different geographics to play under one virtual gaming room, A23 offers other features as well.

User Interface

The platform has a premium appeal and striking graphics with a user-friendly interface that keeps the players engaged and increases their excitement. 

Welcome Bonus 

A23 rummy platform offers a 175% welcome bonus of up to Rs 5000 plus Rs 200 instant cash to help you kickstart your rummy journey. 

Refer and Earn

Also, you can refer the platform/app to your friends and family members to win some cash and turn the game into a party. When you refer A23 to someone, you get up to Rs 15000.

Turbo Tables

Recently introduced on the platform, Turbo tables allow players to enjoy faster gameplay without the waiting time.

Sit n Go

The feature enables players to sit at a table, play their hands, and move on to the next one. Just like you would in a real casino. 

Private Tables

The private tables feature allows users to play a private game with family and friends. The players with the link or code only can participate in the game. Private tables are a great way to stay connected with your loved ones and spend quality time while playing a game of 13 cards rummy. 

Loyalty Program

A23 offers a reward program where each player can win AcePoints every time they play cash games or premium entry tournaments. Players earn 1 AcePoint for every Rs 100. As the players earn AcePoints, you reach higher Ace Levels and get a Reward. Every Ace Level offers benefits like higher bonus amounts while certain cash addition bonus promotions. The AcePoints can also be redeemed for instant bonuses or used for buy-ins at tournaments. 

VIP Club

The VIP club is the newest feature offered by the A23 platform. It opens the door to privilege and unparalleled service. A dedicated VIP host is available for assistance and ensures you get the most in terms of benefits. You get to enjoy, welcome VIP bonuses, surprise bonuses, bespoke offers, priority VIP service, VIP-only tournaments, an invitation to VIP hospitality, and complete account discretion.

If you want to know more about A23 Rummy, then look at this this rummy game enthusiast to its review.

Player Review

Suppose we talk about the current scenario where most people work from home. However, stress has been lifted due to high competition in every field.

Are you also worried about your life because of your idleness? Do you have the potential to do something different and amazing? 

Yes, then I have something very interesting for you guys. Interesting in the sense of playing a game (A23 Rummy Game). Playing games is an alternative to your boring life. 

I suggest you play A23 games. You’ll find this game interesting.

I’m saying this because I have played this game. I’m fond of playing rummy games, and in the search for new rummy games, I found A23 Rummy Game. Playing this game was a lot of fun, and I also earned money from this game.

I decided to write a review for this game of how I played this game and how I earned money. 

How Do I Play the A23 Rummy Game?

A23 games provide you with several rummy games according to your ability and requirements. The games include Points rummy, multi-table tournaments, pool games, gunshot, and Rummy 500. Also, A23 runs various events to keep its players engaged. 

Let me tell you the basics of how I played this game:

A23 rummy games are played with 2 to 6 players. I was a player who dealt with 13 cards which I had to do in sequences and sets. The cards are Ace, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, Jack, King, and Queen.

A random card is chosen as a joker. I had drawn a card from the open deck and closed deck. It was compulsory to keep a card on the table’s center, and later I discarded the particular card.

The game is finished when a player makes the first valid show on the table. The maximum number of points a player can score is 80. 

Step by step guide:


First, I downloaded and then installed the game. Then registered by email address and then wrote my username.


I watched YouTube videos and tutorials for complete guidance to get more about the game. You can also find many videos on how to play A23 rummy games. 


I first practiced the game more times to get a grip on the game. Afterward, I moved to earn money. Before practice, it is not possible that you can make money directly. So first practice to play the game.

How Do I Earn Money While Playing the Game?

Before I started playing such games, I wondered how people earn by playing games. But now, when I have started playing and making money, I realized it is quite easy and interesting. 

What do you need to do to earn money?

You can earn money easily if you follow all the rules and play the game honestly.

  • The easiest way to earn money was to refer this game to my family and friends, and I was rewarded with some cash in return.
  • A23 platform offered me a 175% welcome bonus of up to Rs 5000 plus 200 instant cash to help me start my rummy game journey.
  • After getting a complete grip on the game, I turned to cash tables. I started to play for money. The more I won, the more I earned. 


If you are a rummy game lover, then A23 is the best game you can play. It is best for its specifications. It is user-friendly and keeps you engaged in the game through different events and prizes. 

It provides you with fun and a platform to earn money easily. So, it’s the best game to play and to make money.