Gully Rummy – Full Review

Gully Rummy has garnered a lot of attention from its time of inception. A total spin-off from Pacific Gaming. It is an entertaining and legal game that motivates its users to use their skill set at best. Apart from providing a Fair Play policy through QRNG, the players can avail themselves of cash instantly within 60 seconds.

It has become the new favorite with many players across the nation. It also provides you with multiplayer options so you can always play with your friends and family. Pacific Gaming has set new and safe standards for all the rummy players through their multi-layer encryption of servers.

Website and Application Process:

The user interface is simple and fun. They have used shades of maroon, which is a breeze to the eye. The homepage has an application link that is easy to download for both IOS and android users. Players can download the Bluestack application to experience the game on the computer.

As the game is pretty simple, you may feel the user experience dull but that does not bother your overall experience. If you are new to the game, there is a “How to play” button on top of the website. Players can expect a safe and honest play because the site has a QRNG process.

Sign Up Process

The game application has a simple user interface. After downloading the game, you can simply sign-up and start playing. Validation takes up to 24 to 48 hours. After verification, players can easily participate in all the tournaments and access all the services provided by the company. Players also get a welcome bonus on their first deposit.

Game Section

Gully Rummy exceptional is the ongoing tournaments where anyone can participate and win huge rewards. The card deck is usually 13 or 21 depending on the players. Players can participate in a wide range of tournaments at different times, depending upon the level of entertainment they are looking for. Players get the following:

Daily 500 freeroll; Gully welcomes 2022, GullyT20 Tournament, Night Fall jackpot. First Blush jackpot, Twelve ‘O’Clock jackpot. Gully Rummy also updates the tournaments so that the user never gets bored.

Weekly Tournaments to Keep the Party Going

Rummy without tournaments is simply unthinkable. After all, tournaments provide you an extra edge of competitiveness, a goal in mind, a sense of adventure, and most importantly: the prospect of winning exciting prizes!

Gully Rummy organizes weekly tournaments with a gigantic cash prize pool at stake! A few of the most lucrative contests they arrange for are Dus Ka Dum, Night Fall Jackpot, and Frequent Five Tournament. They certainly give you the edge-of-your-seat experience every online rummy player craves!

And if you’re wondering how much fun would it be when you don’t have to pay to participate, know that Gully Rummy comes up with free tournaments as well! Their Level-1, time-based free tournaments are beyond addicting! 

Coming to their cash prize tournaments, only the players with a verified phone number can participate. Registrations close five minutes before the start of every tournament, so don’t be too late or you’re going to miss out on all the joy and jollies!

Gully Rummy Gameplay

GullyRummy brings you an outstanding online rummy playing experience. With a user-friendly, interactive, and highly customizable platform, you can play a wide range of rummy variants at GullyRummy.

Here are some of the basic attributes of GullyRummy Gameplay:

  • In GullyRummy, choosing the dealer is up to the computer. It ensures fair play. In a rummy game of 2 players, the computer alternatively selects each player, and in a game involving 3 or more players, the computer selects the dealer in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • You can only see your cards while playing at GullyRummy. Other players’ cards are shown face down. So worry not! No one would be able to see your cards and decipher your strategy!
  • The Joker is an essential card in GullyRummy’s games. It is used as Jack to complete a set or a sequence. There are two kinds of Jokers: Printed Joker and Cut Joker — their usage depends on the rummy variation.
  • GullyRummy provides a sort button. It is one of the most convenient features to play online rummy. Just click on “Sort” when you receive your cards to group them suit-wise on the fly. This feature adds to the hassle-free experience GullyRummy is known for!
  • You can use a multiplier to notch up your cash earnings!

    If you have the needed skills and can accomplish a good win streak, GullyRummy allows you to shine exceptionally bright! You can set a multiplier for each rummy game to multiply the amount of money you win. For example, if you set your game’s multiplier at 2x, you will earn twice as much as the points gained after winning the game!

As you can see, GullyRummy rewards a solid strategy quite handsomely. You can win big if you have what it takes!

Bonus and Promotion:

Apart from getting a welcome bonus, the user also has access to a broad spectrum of promotional offers. Players can always opt for Daily 500 freeroll tournaments and win up to 6000rs. On every deposit of more than 1001 and so forth, players can get a 100% locked bonus and a welcome bonus of up to 5000rs. A player also receives a 10% instant bonus on the first deposit.

Customer Care:

The assistance is available from 9 am to 9 pm from Monday to Sunday. User can submit their queries to [email protected]. They also have a live chat process which is easy and comforting to the user. With this, they are always happy to help resolve any issue regarding games or payments. Live chat facility helps you to get assistance whenever and whatever time you want.

The unparalleled customer support staff at GullyRummy now assists you in seven Indian languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, and Nepali. They don’t want you worrying about any communication issues, and for that reason, they are working continuously on providing customer assistance in even more Indian languages.

Payment Options:

To make transfers easy, the game gives the player various payment options. To withdraw or deposit the money, a player can use different modes of payment in Visa, Mastercard, Razorpay, and Paytm. The minimum deposit should be rs.200.

For transparency between the game and user, the player has to provide KYC documents ( PAN card, proof of address, driving license, and bank details) to ensure the user is 18 years and above.  The transactions are done pass through multiple secure platforms, so players need not worry about the won cash.

Pros and Cons


  • Weekly Tournaments
  • Cash games availability
  • Tournament prizes
  • Welcome bonus on first deposit
  • Instant cash in 60 seconds
  • Fair play
  • Exclusivity


  • Players below 18 are restricted.
  • Banned in states like Assam, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Sikkim, Nagaland, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh.


The website has a leaderboard so you can see who is top of the pops in rummy. It’s easy to get started with this game and there are user-friendly instructions on how it works for those new players that might feel anxious about trying out online games.

It may be a leader in the market because of its rewards scheme. They give you 5000 rupees when registering! The game also claims to be fast and easy, and it does have security measures that ensure your money will never go missing. Game offers several promotional offers that may lure you. Ensure to read the tournament terms and conditions before starting the game.