MPL Rummy Review: Download MPL Rummy APK to Earn Money Online

Rummy has been used as a pastime game and has been around for centuries. It is counted among the entertaining games and is famous all over. With an ever-growing industry, there are more opportunities than ever before to enjoy the traditional rummy fun with friends, old or new! MPL Rummy is a card game that can be played at any time and across thousands of players. The safe platform ensures an enjoyable experience for all those who play, regardless of whether they’re just starting or have been playing since day one!

MPL consists of a classic rummy card game, and skill matters a lot in this game. MPL stands for Mobile Premier League that’s taking over the world! As per its Website’s information, Galactus Funware is the company behind it. 

One of the most commonly known platforms for playing Rummy is MPL Rummy. MPL stands for Mobile Premier League, and it allows you to play a host of games online with MPL Cash and allows you to earn real money.

I know some of you are reading this might be skeptical, thinking that this deal is too good to be true. I mean, earn money while playing your favorite Rummy games?! However, that seems like an offer from the heavens, and I’m here to tell you that this is 100% real.

Keep reading this article because I will tell you how to start earning by winning!

Website Performance 

The overall look and interface of the Website are soothing. If we talk about functionality, the Website has well-functioning navigating tabs. On the home page, you can see the get SMS button. As you enter your number, you will get a link to download the Application. You can get every information on the Website, as it has a separate section for blogs, FAQs, and contact us. 

Game Section

Players can play 60+ games and win fantastic cash prizes. On the home page of the Website, you can see different games. You can play Fruit dark, Pool, Speed Chess, WCC, Runner No.1, Sudoku, Fantasy cricket, etc. If you have any hidden talent like playing games skilfully, MPL Rummy is the platform for you. 

Their Website is designed for authenticity and security, which you can see with every detail that has been included in this virtual casino’s design. You won’t find any hidden fees or tricks to take advantage of players like those other sites where it feels more like an annoyance. They have different forms of gaming, including Pools, points, and deals rummy. You need to understand the sequencing to win different and astounding cash prizes and bonuses. 

How to Play MPL Rummy?

You might be familiar with the process of signing up for rummy games. Fret not if you aren’t! I’ll give you a full guide to have a smooth process.


MPL has made playing rummy very easy. If you already have an MPL app downloaded on your device, you don’t need to install another app. Instead, follow the instructions below if you already have the MPL app installed.

Step 1: You can search for the app on Google Play Store or Apple Store. You can also get a link through SMS by entering your phone number on the official website of MPL.

Step 2: After you’ve found the app, download it and let it install.

Step 3: Once it finishes installing, it will ask you for your mobile number. Enter your active phone number.

Step 4: An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the number you entered. Put in the OTP in the required section of the app, and it’ll register your number.

Step 5: 20 MPL App tokens and Rs.25 Paytm Cash will be transferred to you once your number gets registered. You can use these tokens to play various games.

Step 6: Play to your heart’s desire!

Playing Rummy

Now that you’ve registered yourself, it’s time to get playing.

Step 1: Open the MPL app. There would be many games displayed on the homepage. Select the Rummy icon.

Step 2: There would be various Rummy options, like Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Pools Rummy. Select the game you want to play.

Step 3: Choose the league you want to play in.

Step 4: Win games and earn money!

 Payment Options

While there are some limitations to the payment options for deposits and withdrawals on MPL Rummy, they do have an easy way of getting your money in! All you need is a bank transfer or Paytm account. Winners can withdraw their winning prizes via UPI, Amazon Pay, and Bank Transfer. Players must use their money within a year. 

To ensure players’ safe, seamless, and fraud-free experience, they have incorporated payment gateways that provide multiple options such as Paytm or bank account transactions. The KYC verification process is an essential first step towards withdrawal from the platform because it ensures all users are verified before making any withdrawal.

How to Earn Good Money by Playing MPL Rummy?

The first thing you can do is send referral links to your friends and family. Every time someone joins from that link, you will earn Rs. 50. These can add up quickly if you have vast connections.

Try your hand at the different options of available rummy games and find out which one you are good at. Then, practice it more, and you will start earning big time as you win more and more games.

Keep a lookout for promotions and bonuses, so you don’t miss out on exciting opportunities.

You can deposit or withdraw money through a bank transfer or Paytm account. In addition, you can withdraw your winnings via UPI, Amazon Pay, or Bank Transfer.

Customer Service 

It is good if you consider their customer service; they provide round-the-clock support to players. You can reach out to them at any time. Their helpdesk contact mail is [email protected]. You can even solve your query on live chat with an Mpl executive.

Bonus and Promotions 

You can win a referral bonus and cash. It is the only online gaming platform to win several rewards and promotional prizes. You can try your hands on various forms of gaming available in it. 

Pros and Con


● Withdrawals are fast, and 24*7 customer service

● SSL secured, and RNG certified games

● No wait-time. 

● Various bonuses and promotions.


● Fewer payment options.


Imagine the thrill of competing against other players in real life and earning cash just for playing your favorite games! Visit our app store to explore free practice sessions, or sign up today if you want access to premium features that include tournaments with high stakes. You can also pick from multiple gaming platforms all under one roof. 

With its legal status, the online rummy game is one of the safest and most logical ways to play with cash. Anyone can legally participate in this fun interactive activity that utilizes your decision-making skills as well!

MPL is safe whenever any doubt regarding safety comes up in the user’s mind. Moreover, it has been certified by Master card and Visa because it is a secured platform. While transactions, they do not keep the private data or the card data. They don’t even use the personal information of the user. It is a safe and legalized game of skills.