Taj Rummy-Full Review

You can find a game of Rummy that suits your taste and style with Taj. You will be able to join thousands of other players from across the country on our platform who are also looking forward to playing cash games like these your way. It was decided long back in 1968 that Rummy is a legal game of skills. Since then, it has been legalized but has certain restrictions on the people of Assam, Telangana, Nagaland Sikkim, and Orissa.

Website and application performance

The website interface is super fantastic and intuitive. They have used a good combination of maroon and while that soothes the eyes. On the first page at the top, you will find the Login/register button and App link. It has applications for both IOS and Android.

Above all, its application is also easy to use, and all the games are AI secured. There is a special guide that can help you while playing the game. In the footer section, you will find the “How to Play Rummy” option. The overall performance of both website and application is good.

Sign up process

It has the most simple and most comfortable signup. After signing up, users get fun chips and free games for playing purposes. You can invite your friends to play free games and win cash. You can safely deposit money after signing up. They accept various modes of payment. Overall the website has a smooth registration process.

Game section

Players can enjoy a lot, there is a variety of rummy games to enjoy, and each player can get opportunities to play a lot of games. It is a 13 card game giving the users the wonderful experience they want. The different types of games are Points Rummy, 101 Pools Rummy, 201 Pools Rummy, Best of 3, and Best of 2.

How Taj Rummy guarantees you a protected experience?

TajRummy stacks up several layers of protection to tackle various issues.

The latest addition to TajRummy’s protective features is Smart Correction, which allows online rummy players have a splendid gaming experience. If you have the right combination of cards and sets, but place an invalid show, Smart Correction gets enabled and prevents you from doing so.

When you call for a show and meld your cards incorrectly, the Smart Correction feature by TajRummy checks if you have the correct sequences/cards — and if you do, it notifies that you have placed a wrong show and gives you a choice to correct it so you can meld the cards in the proper sequence.

Such an extraordinary feature by TajRummy protects:

  • Amateur rummy players from slipups and misreckonings.
  • Seasoned rummy players from factors like network connectivity issues, time limitations, or inaccurate taps.

TajRummy’s AI-powered sophistication

Sometimes, internet connections might get quite unstable, which leads to unintentional and unnecessary timeouts while playing online rummy.

TajRummy has solved this issue by introducing AI-secured games. If you lose your internet connection while playing online rummy, our AI system takes over and helps reduce the losses incurred due to web connectivity issues.

In the event of a disconnection from the internet, the AI-powered player protection mechanism automatically melds your cards, which earns you some points (albeit less) instead of the dreaded Drop Points.


  • It makes sure that you get some points instead of nothing if your internet gets disconnected.
  • It automatically melds your cards if you lose your connectivity while playing online rummy.
  • As soon as the AI system detects instabilities in your connection, it gets activated at a lightning-quick pace to save you from losing points.

TajRummy’s AI triggers itself in the following scenarios:

  • If you have not exited from the game manually, AI will spontaneously meld your cards if your opponent places a valid show while you are disconnected.
  • If you get disconnected right after placing the show, AI will meld the cards automatically after you run out of meld time, saving you some points.
  • If you place a show and your opponent/s gets disconnected, then TajRummy’s AI mechanism will meld cards for the disconnected players, ensuring the game proceeds ahead smoothly.

The functionalities of TajRummy’s AI mechanism:

  • The principal aim of the AI is to save you from Drop Points. It ensures that you receive a lesser count in case you get disconnected instead of Drop Points.
  • There are numerous ways to meld the cards, and TajRummy’s AI will only choose to meld in the best possible way. However, keep in mind that it may or may not align with your strategy.

Bonus and promotion

Along with a welcome bonus, there are several promotional offers available. On Taj Rummy, players can get a plethora of promotional offers and many freeroll tournaments. Players can try their hands well on Freeroll Tournaments. Players on downloading the Taj Rummy Application can get Free Rs 300 bonus. With this real cash, they can play different rummy games. The welcome bonus gives you Rs 5500 when you deposit the money the first time.

Customer care

Players can submit their queries at [email protected]. With 24/7 customer support, Taj Rummy ensures that its customers are satisfied with the company’s services. In addition to this, they respond to calls and emails. They have a live chat facility on their website. You can ask any question, anytime because they help you round the clock.

Payment options

The payment process of the game is pretty simple. Players can add the amount they want via different modes of payment like Mastercard, maestro, Visa, Paytm, and PayU. In addition, the money withdrawal is also easy as it can be done instantly via UPI, PAYTM WALLET, AMAZON PAY, BANK TRANSFER. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100, and the maximum withdrawal limit is 10,000.

Pros and cons


  • It gives all the players a welcome bonus.
  • Cash games available
  • Refer a friend
  • Players get promotions
  • Availability of royalty clubs
  • variety of Indian Rummy games available


  • Players should be 18+
  • Some areas like Assam, Telangana, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh, and more cannot play.

Responsible gaming community

One of the best things about TajRummy is its responsible gaming community.

Most players who play online at TajRummy understand that even though playing rummy can be an entertaining pursuit, one should play in moderation and act in their self-interest. The rummy community there promotes prioritizing other important activities over playing the game addictively, preaches against chasing losses, and doesn’t encourage playing cash rummy games as your chief source of income.

At TajRummy, the games are how they truly should be: relaxing and favoring a positive mindset!


You can’t go wrong with the Taj Rummy app! All the new users get an amazing Rs. 2500 as their Welcome Bonus and also 3000 cash right away- what more could a player ask for?. Players can invite their nears and dears to play this game by sending them the referral code. If you want to play online Rummy, there is no better destination than Taj Rummy. With a plethora of freeroll tournaments and an endless list of options and a variety of games available on this site, everybody will indeed love it.

In the case of security,  it is a 100% safe and secured online rummy game. All transactions and withdrawals are protected to prevent the players from any scam and fraud. While signing up the personal information that users enter remains private. It has five loyalty clubs: Coral club, Ruby club, emerald club, a club of diamonds, sapphire club,