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If you have played Teen Patti before, we are sure you might have enjoyed it. But there’s much more than the classic Teen Patti game. There are many variations that you can try to enhance your Teen Patti gaming experience.

This post will introduce you to some of the best Teen Patti variations you can try out today. Let’s find out the details about each of them one by one.


The first on our list is Auction. In this game, players will deal with three cards and two piles of cards will be created and placed right in the middle of the table. Each pile will have three cards, and the top one will be the joker card, which will be visible to all.

Players can take a look at their cards if they want or not. It depends on them. This happens before the game begins. The agenda is to take a turn and make bids in order to buy the piles. Each pile is valuable since each of them contains a joker.

If a player buys a pile, they need to replace their cards with the pile cards. Once done, they can again choose to play seen or blind.

Teen Patti Variations
Teen Patti Variations

Joker Hunt

Next is the Joker hunt, where players will deal with three cards. The dealer will also put equal to twice the number of player cards plus three. There are five players, so 5 x 2, which equals 10 and + 3, which equals 13. So, total 13 cards will be placed face up. The cards will be kept in the middle of the table.

The players need to discard one of the cards right at the beginning of the game and replace it with the deck that’s in the middle. It’s not necessary to pick a card, though, and if the player doesn’t, they will keep one of the cards upside-down on the table.


In In-Out, the players will deal with three cards, and three additional cards will be placed in the middle of the table, and the cards will be kept face up. The face-up cards will become the jokers and will be applicable to every player.

Players can choose to play seen or blind. Only one round of betting is allowed in In-Out, and once done, the showdown will happen. Every player will get a chance to decide whether they want in or out. If a player is out and folds, their cards will be placed in the middle and replaced with the joker cards.

The winner will take away the pot, and the rest of the players who lose the game will also pay the winning player.

Teen Patti Variations
Teen Patti Variations


Temperature is another variant of Teen Patti and pretty similar to In-Out; however, there is a twist. Once every player makes their decisions, the dealer draws a card randomly. In case the drawn card has a value of two to six or is an Ace, then the hand ranking will be reversed.


In Kiss-Miss-Bliss, players play with five cards. Players can pair two of these to make a joker card. Here’s how a player can pair two cards:
For Kiss, a player can pair two cards with the same value. For example:

2♥ and 2♣
J♦ and J♠
For Bliss, players can pair two subsequent cards, for example:
3♣ and 4♦
7♣ and 8♥
For Miss, players can pair in the following way:
3♣ and 5♥
7♦ and 9♥

It’s on the player whether they want to create a joker or not. Whatever be the case, there can only be three cards out of the five.

Teen Patti Variations
Teen Patti Variations

Kissing Missing

Almost similar to Kiss-Miss-Bliss, there is Kissing Missing. It’s just that instead of five, players get to play with four cards. Players can’t create a joker as they can in Kiss-Miss-Bliss. There will be an off form such as 7♦ and 9♥ and two same value cards, such as 2♥ and 2♣.

Folding Joker

Players are given three cards each. The fourth card is given to the players, but it will be kept on the side. Four cards will be dealt face down. From the three cards, one card will be kept up and put on the table randomly, and everyone will be able to see the face-up card. These face-up cards are joker cards.

Teen Patti Variations
Teen Patti Variations

Rotating Jokers

Yet again, three cards will be given to each player where two cards will stay face down, and the third will stay face up. The face-up card becomes the joker card, and everyone will be able to see it.

The face-up card of every player will become the joker card for them. If a player gets eliminated or folds, then the losing player’s joker card becomes the joker card for all. The same rule continues for the next player as well.

King Little

King Little is very similar to the classic Teen Patti game; however, the difference is that in this variation, every King becomes the joker card. Moreover, the lowest valued card that a player deals with also becomes a joker card. Let’s say you get K♣, 8♦, and 2♥, K♣ and 2♥ are the joker cards.

Teen Patti Variations
Teen Patti Variations

Lallan Kallan

Each player will get three cards. The joker card is the colour card that’s different from the rest two cards. For example, 7♠, 8♣, and 2♥, then 2♦ becomes the joker card. However, if you receive three cards of the same colour, you will have to fold; that’s the rule.

Pack Jack

In Pack Jack, the dealer deals with three joker cards. These cards are placed face-up on the table. Any player that gets eliminated or folds, that player’s cards get replaced with the three joker cards on the table and becomes the next joker card.

Teen Patti Variations
Teen Patti Variations

Pair Are Jokers

In this variation, players get seven cards. If there are multiple pair cards, then the cards get combined to make joker cards. For example, let’s say a player gets 7♠ and 7♥, 2♣ and 2♦, 8♠, 5♠, and 9♥, then the two 7s and two 2s are combined to make two jokers. When it comes to a showdown, three cards will be used only. If a player fails to form a joker has to fold their hand. That’s the rule of the game.

1942 Love Story

In 1942 Love Story, evert 2s, 4s, 9s, and aces are considered as joker cards. This is an Indian variation of Teen Patti, and the player must use the Hindi language while playing the card game. If a player speaks English or any other language, they have to fold their hand right away.

Teen Patti Variations
Teen Patti Variations


AK47 is a simple Teen Patti variation and is very easy to play. The joker cards of this game are- all 7s, 4s, Kings, and Aces.

Closest to 555

The rule is to get close to the value of 555 rather than forming sequences, sets, and pairs. Every Ace, King, Queen, and Jack will be valued at zero in this variation. However, the face value cards, 2-9, will be worth their values.

Let’s say you are dealt with K♠, 8♦, and 5♥. You need to arrange the cards as 5♥, 8♦, K♠. The value of the cards will be 580, which is close to 555.

Teen Patti Variations
Teen Patti Variations


Pretty similar to Closest to 555, you have 999. In this variation, the rule is to get closest to 999, which is why it is called 999. K, Q, J, and 10 will be worth zero points, Ace will be worth 1, and the remaining face value cards will be worth their numbers.

Odd Sequence

In Odd Sequence, players don’t create sequences and pure sequences with consecutive numbers, such as 2, 3, 4. But they create sequences using alternate numbers, such as 2, 4, 6, or 3, 5, 7.

Teen Patti Variations
Teen Patti Variations

2 Cards Open

Players get three cards each, and one is dealt face down. The rest two cards stay face up and can be seen by everyone. The card that stays face down has to stay like that for the rest of the game, and there is no seen or blind concept here. The dealer can’t play the game himself and has to look at the cards of the players when there is a showdown.


In Draw, every player gets a chance to discard three cards max and, in return, receive three more new cards. However, if a player decides to do that, they must do that before the game begins. In each round, one card can be discarded, and one can discard three cards to the max.

Teen Patti Variations